// GREEN LIVING: House Plants//

Hey readers! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here but I moved to Chicago and have been trying to really plant my feet here and get settled with work and life and haven’t had much time for the blog-verse. 

Moving has certainly provided me with lots of ideas to write about, the first of which I would like to focus on is plants. I thought I’d start off with a post about house plants since I’ve learned how amazing their presence can be. 

I’ve never had the greenest thumb when it comes to keeping plants alive… In fact, I have a tendency to ruin any plant I have, no matter how well I think I’m caring for them. But I’ve discovered some plants that aren’t so vulnerable, look beautiful, and are great for cleansing your air.

House plants are actually amazingly beneficial. They can actually reduce stress levels, improve your health, and of course cleanse your air (which is especially attractive to me since I own two parrots with very fragile lungs).

1. English Ivy


2. Philodendron


3. Aloe Vera


4. Succulents 


// Dream A Little Dream Of Me//

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but times have been hectic over here. 

I’ve been on the hunt for a new apartment in the grand city of Chicago and it has not been easy, but it got me thinking.

As excited as I am to take this new step and make a new transition, I’ve noticed my boyfriend is a little more hesitant.

Today he mentioned having dreams about losing his teeth.

I’ve never really dreamt much, but recently my dreams just keep getting more vivid so I decided to take a peek into the meaning behind some of these images.

For example, losing teeth in a dream often means anxiety of a new transition-going from old to new. 

I realized after this, that our dreams can tell us a lot about what we’re really feeling before we can talk ourselves out of it. What sort of dreams are you having and do they reflect your life’s direction?

// The Power of Crystals//


As you might have recently read, my goal this year is to deepen my spiritual presence and further my holistic lifestyle bit by bit. There are so many adventures that go along with this idea but I really wanted to share my latest experiences with crystal healing.

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// Quote of the Day//

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.

-Caroline Myss

// New Year’s Resolution//


I know I’m a little late in declaring my resolution as the New Year has already begun, but I wanted to make sure I planned out a resolution that was both feasible and beneficial for me.

I don’t do the whole “go to the gym three days a week” stuff, but if you do more power to you! Instead, I try to focus my health in a much hollistic sense.

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// Cranberry Pecan Tortellini Salad//


This could be the easiest, quickest and certainly one of the most delicious recipes I’ve made. It’s perfect for a family salad dish, a lunch meal leftover or a delicious dinner for two. Whatever it is you use it for, I assure you it will be a hit. Did I mention it’s also quite healthy?

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// Last-Minute Christmas Gift DIY//

So although it was a challenging task to take on, I decided to make a lot of xmas presents this year and even do a custom wrapping. A few of the things I did were rather tough, but others were actually super simple but also awesome!

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Nicholas David Somewhere Over the Rainbow (The Voice Performance)
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// The Need for Space//


I’m a big homebody some days and also a little bit of a neat freak, but I was recently relaxing in my small, attic of an apartment, and I realized how much of an impact the space we’re in has on our ability to relax or even evoke emotions.

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Paper Bird By The Wind, Sailor
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